Friday, March 16, 2012

Remaining Free Agents of Note

Here's a little list of the remaining free agents to whom the Redskins have been linked or who would be a good fit for them. Ideally, I'll come back tomorrow and flesh this out, add some more, list the teams that these players have met with, etc.

First, from us:
LB London Fletcher (We need to bring him back. He hasn't been linked to anyone else)
FS OJ Atogwe (We cut him, unlikely to return, could use his coverage ability though)
HB Tim Hightower (Would be a good get for his blocking and receiving ability, brings a different running style than Helu/Royster, wouldn't cost too much)
QB Rex Grossman (Likely guy we'd bring back to hold us over until RG3 is ready or back him up) Re-signed by Redskins
G Kory Lichtensteiger (He's coming back. Coming off an ACL tear but looked good before that. More important to us than he would be to another team) Re-signed by Redskins
SS LaRon Landry (Want him back but seeming unlikely) Signed by Jets (1 year, 4 mil)

OT Demetrius Bell, BUF (We've been linked to him, he would be a pretty good pickup to shore up the RT spot)
OT Marcus McNeill, SD (Aging but still pretty solid tackle, if we can't get Bell he might be worth picking up)
OG Eric Steinbach, CLE (Has the right physical profile for our scheme and has been a very good player in the past, though he was hurt last year)
LB David Hawthorne, SEA (Solid young LB. Could compete with Riley and ensure that we have at least a capable tandem when we lose Fletcher)
ILB Curtis Lofton, ATL (A very good young ILB but probably out of our price range unless we don't re-sign Fletcher (which would be bad))
OLB Manny Laweson, SF (Well-rounded and speedy 3-4 OLB who would be a useful rotational player backing up both Kerrigan and Orakpo, and getting on the field in packages)
NT Aubrayo Franklin, NO (Pretty good NT)
NT Shaun Rogers, NO (Great size, has been good in the past, should be cheap)
OT/G Geoff Schwartz, CAR (A decent guard, one of the few still unsigned) Signed by Vikings (1 year, $?)
ILB Jameel McClain, BAL (Solid, pretty young ILB to challenge Riley, or start next to him if we don't re-sign Fletcher) Re-signed by Ravens
LB Erin Henderson, MIN (See: McClain. Isn't getting a lot of interest including from his Vikings. Wouldn't mind picking him up even if we do re-sign Fletcher. Went to UMD.) Re-signed with VikingsQB Josh Johnson, TB (Surprisingly, we've been linked to him since re-signing Rex. He'll probably cost more than it makes sense for us to pay him, but I like him so if we could get him cheap, I'd support it) Signed by 49ers (2 years, $?)
NT Pat Sims, CIN (Good run stopper) Re-signed with Bengals
CB Tracy Porter, NO (Has shown some good play in the past, as well as some bad play. Young still, would be cheap, and we need some corners) Signed by Broncos (1 year, 4 mil)
LB Stephen Tulloch, DET (Very good ILB if we had to replace Fletcher. Probably out of our price range) (5 years, ?mil.. probably 40+)
OG Evan Mathis, PHI (would be a great fit and upgrade, supposedly top 2 teams are Ravens, Eagles) Re-signed with Eagles (5 years, 25 mil)
OG Mike Briesel, HOU (scheme fit but underwhelming talent. We've been linked) Signed with Raiders (5 years, 20 mil) 
C Chris Meyers, HOU (Scheme fit and very good player, would give us a glut of centers to figure out as Montgomery is already there and played badly when we tried him at guard) Re-signed with the Texans (4 years, 25 mil)
OT Eric Winston, HOU (Scheme fit and good player, we've been linked. Supposedly going to get a ton of money, lots of teams interested) Signed by Chiefs (4 years, 22 mil)
OG Travelle Wharton, CAR (One of the decent FA guards. We need OL help) Signed by the Bengals
NT Sione Pouha, NYJ (Good NT who could help us. Probably out of our price range) Re-signed by Jets (3 years, 15 mil)
FS Reggie Nelson, CIN (we could use a safety who is better in coverage) Re-signed by Bengals
CB Aaron Ross, NYG (We've been linked strongly) Signed by Jaguars (3 years, 15.3 mil)
CB Ronald Bartell, STL (One of the better remaining corners, not that that's saying a whole lot) Signed with Raiders (1 year, 3 mil)
C Scott Wells, GB (Very good center) Signed by Rams (4 years, 24 mil)
QB David Garrard, JAX (One of the better veteran QBs, would be willing to backup, we'll need a vet to either back RG3 up or be a stop gap while he gets ready) Signed by Dolphins
OG Robert Gallery, SEA (See: Wharton) Signed by Patriots

-Redskins sign CB Cedric Griffin, formerly of the Vikings. 1 year, $2.5 mil

-Fred Davis signed his franchise tender of $~5.5 mil

-Evan Mathis gone, I was really hoping to get him. Worse, the Eagles re-signed him at a pretty modest 5/25. I think we've a good chance to land Demetrius Bell, which should be a pretty good move, but there's not a lot else left out there on the OL, unfortunately.

-3:45 3/17: Redskins have around 14 mil in cap space this year as is. Freed up a couple mil re-structuring the contract we just signed Will Montgomery to a few weeks ago. I can't believe that DeAngelo Hall's contract is going to stay on the books the way it is.

-10:55am 3/20: Things all fully updated. Not a lot of targets left on the list. Bell is the only one I see as having much likelihood on the open market. We need to re-sign Fletcher and I'd like to re-sign both Hightower and Atogwe too.  Peyton signed with Denver.

-5:50pm 3/20: Added a handful more free agents that I think would be worth investigating that are either newly free agents due to cuts or I simply hadn't added earlier.

-11:50am 3/24
Again, all updated. News is coming in much slower now, some guys that wouldn't have been huge gets but I would've really liked to add (like Erin Henderson and Pat Sims) are gone, sadly. Lots of one-year deals. Still no word on Fletcher, and I've surprisingly heard nothing about Eric Steinbach. Demetrius Bell visited us but hasn't signed anywhere. If we could get him and Steinbach I'd be thrilled.

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