Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gregg Rosenthal's Free Agents to Avoid; or, Told You So


Top spots are occupied by Marques Colston, Pierre Garcon, and Mario Manningham, for pretty much the exact reasons I've been opposing the idea of the Skins pursuing them. To quote:

1. Marques Colston, Saints wideout

The surgeries are well documented. I’m less worried about the injury risk because Colston has only missed ten career games, including three in the last three years.

I’m more concerned that you will have to pay for his past production and that production matches up with the game’s elite receivers since 2006. You aren’t likely to get anything close to that production unless you also have Drew Brees throwing Colston the ball.

Brees’ pinpoint accuracy and trust in Colston creates a lot of plays that aren’t there because Colston doesn’t get much separation. Ultimately, he’s a possession receiver.

2-3. Pierre Garcon and Mario Manningham, wide receivers

I’m listing these two together because they are in many ways the same guy. They can look like No. 1 receivers for stretches, but they make way too many mental errors and drop too many passes to invest big money on. Those mental errors are only going to pick up from Peyton and Eli Manning.

Garcon and Manningham are borderline No. 2/3 receivers that will get paid like No. 1 receivers.

The rest of the list is pretty irrelevant to the Skins.  The #3 and 4 spots are occupied by offensive tackles Jared Gaither and Demetrius Bell, who are feasible since we likely need a new right tackle to replace Jammal Brown and UDFA Willie Smith isn't ready, but neither is really a great option and I haven't seen the Skins linked much if at all to either one. Depending on what happens with trading picks away to move up in the draft, I expect that to be the place we address the right tackle position, which would be a good move for us.

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