Saturday, April 14, 2012

London Fletcher is back in the fold!

Great news on that front. No contract details available yet.

We've also signed safeties Madieu Williams and Tanard Jackson. The former doesn't do anything for me, but I'm very happy with the latter, whom we signed about 2 days after the Bucs released him, ostensibly for failing a physical (coming back from injury), but presumably also for off-field transgressions. Still, he can be quite a good safety, and is a true free safety, which we still lacked with Gomes, Doughty, Williams, and Merriweather, so if he's healthy seeing him start opposite Gomes or Doughty would be nice. It is additionally notable that his former head coach Raheem Morris is working with our defensive backs this year, so that probably had a hand in our knowing what we're getting in Jackson, signing him so swiftly, and his interest in joining the Redskins. Likely means one of the others (smart money's on Williams) will be cut before the season.

It's alarming to me with all the moves we've made at safety and wide receiver how neglected our offensive line has been. Look for some mid-round picks to be spent on guards or tackles.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Been Busy, Update

I've been very busy lately, hence the lack of posts. Hope to get back into a rhythm before too long.

To note, Demetrius (Demetress? Apparently?) Bell signed today with the Eagles, in light of Jason Peters' injury. His contract is 5 years, 35 mil, with a team option after year 1.

David Hawthorne has also been signed, by the Saints. Contract unknown.

Steinbach has been linked to the Seahawks and Bears, but no deal anywhere.

No new updates with Franklin, Rogers, McNeil, or Atogwe,

Team supposedly still wants both Fletcher and Hightower back, but nothing new to report.