Saturday, March 10, 2012

Predicting the quarterbacks

With so many moving pieces in action, this is both more important to help me get a sense of things, and more futile because something changing at the top will change everything else, and there's a lot of unpredictable things yet to come. That said, I took the liberty of sort of mocking out where I think quarterbacks are likely to sign/get drafted. I did this a couple days ago before the Redskins-Rams trade, though that just re-affirmed what I had projected. The one I'm presently beginning to doubt more is Peyton Manning as the way he's hanging out in Denver and, accourting to reports, still has no meeting scheduled with Miami is calling that one into question.

Still, here they are:

Peyton Manning: Miami... he could go a lot of ways, but I think this is the most likely with the team's very obvious interests, t the weather, and him already having a home there. Plus, there's no real reason they can't/wouldn't sign Reggie Wayne to play opposite Marshall and Dallas Clark for Peyton to throw to.

Matt Flynn: Seahawks... Deep-pocketed owner who I think will work hard to get Flynn. Harder than the biggest competitors

Andrew Luck: Colts... duh.

RG3: Redskins... If the Seahawks and Dolphins are out of contention, and the Rams and Vikings aren't abandoning their QBs despite some stupid predictions, it's either Browns or Skins for RG3. I think the Skins want him more.

Kyle Orton: Redskins... I think there's a good chance that if the Skins go with a QB in the draft they also get a stopgap-capable vet, and Orton is one of the best available. They fall back on Rex if they can't get another, but I think they probably can.

Ryan Tannehill: Seahawks. If they don't sign Flynn, or perhaps even if they do, they might look to a rookie and Tannehill seems possible.

Brandon Weeden: Jets. Sort of an odd pick, but I don't think the Jets will get Manning and don't think they'll spend a ton or a high pick on a QB, but a 2nd-3rd rounder on a guy who is considered pretty polished and pro-ready might be palatable, and Weeden has much-needed maturity to infuse in the Jets lockerroom. Browns are also a possibility, but instead I think maybe they take one of the other rookies.

Kevin Kolb: Cardinals. He is owed too much money for them to dump him. Keep him there and hope he beats out Skelton so you don't look stupid.

Matt Cassel: Chiefs. I think getting someone else big would be too difficult or expensive so they end up sticking with Cassel and maybe bring in someone solid to compete.

Drew Brees: Saints. One way or another, he's staying there.

Jason Campbell: Chiefs. Bring him in to challenge Cassel. 49ers, Browns, Seahawks also possible.

Alex Smith: 49ers. His best prospects are there, and if they can't get Manning I think they'll be content to stick with Top 1.

Josh Johnson: Browns. Johnson seems like the kind of guy with potential who won't be too expensive that the Browns might bring in, perhaps in addition to a rookie, to compete with McCoy. If not, 49ers or Seahawks may give him a look.

Matt Moore: Broncos. I think they'll want someone they have some confidence in to be not-Tebow, but don't think they'll spend a high pick or win the Manning sweepstakes.

Chad Henne: Jets? Vikings? Staying with the Dolphins?

Rex Grossman: Jaguars, Bucs, or Redskins. See: Kyle Orton and Matt Moore.

So, to look at it by team:
Colts: Luck, Painter
Seahawks: Flynn, Jackson,Tannehill
Vikings: Ponder, Webb
Rams: Bradford, Feeley
Dolphins: Manning, Henne
Redskins: RG3, Orton
Bucs: Freeman, Grossman
Browns: McCoy, Johnson, rookie (Cousins or something, maybe)
Jets: Sanchez, Weeden
Chiefs: Cassel, Campbell
Cardinals: Kolb, Skelton
Jaguars: Gabbert, McCown
49ers: Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick
Titans: Hasselbeck, Locker
Saints: Brees, Daniel
Broncos: Tebow, Moore

The Vikings might bring in a decent vet too, but not sure who as of now.

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