Saturday, December 24, 2011

Draft needs


1. Quarterback. Obviously. We're building a good team but just don't have any quarterbacks, and I very much want it to be a really good rookie prospect to be our franchise guy for a decade rather than a Kevin Kolb-type. I so, so badly want Luck but that's looking very unlikely unless we trade a ton for him (which I wouldn't necessarily oppose). Still, I want this to definitely be our first round pick, unless all the guys we like at that spot are gone. Happily, it's looking right now like there are a number of good QB prospects that could come out. 1st round

2. Offensive Line. Our OL is much improved from last year, but still not great. Chris Chester, Kory Lichtensteiger, and Will Montgomery are all looking solid in the middle, but none is anything special, and I'd like us to try to upgrade there. Most likely an OG would be the biggest help. We don't need an OT to take over for Brown yet, and Montgomery has been more decent than Chester/Licht, I think (plus, Licht is a natural center, really, so getting a guard increases our options at both positions). I would also be happy to sign one in FA, provided he is good and not too old. Depending on value, 2nd-4th round

3. Cornerback. We have awesome safeties and some good corners with Hall and Wilson, who has looked very good, as well as Kevin Barnes and Buchanon. We've taken some late and have good depth here, but I'd really like a stud to be the guy we can match up on top receivers and bump the rest of our corners down one spot to make our secondary
really great. I'd be fine here with a signing (again: if he's young) or a draft pick, I just want it to be someone really good (or with a chance to be really good) rather than another mediocre-above average player. 2nd-3rd round

4. Nose Tackle. Cofield has done well at NT, though I still think moving him to DE and letting him rotate around the line would be more useful, so I'd like a big ole' every down/early down NT. This priority was #2 but I've been really pleasantly surprised by how fast Chris Neild has adjusted. I've been wanting a stud to be our Casey Hampton, but if Neild continues to improve/look good, this priority will drop to just wanting some depth here. 2nd-5th round

6. Inside Linebacker. Fletcher is awesome, but he's 36 years old, and finally looks to be slowing down a little bit. In a couple years we're going to need his replacement. Also, while I'd be happy with McIntosh remaining our starter, as he has really improved with his second year in the scheme, he's only under contract for this season right now, so we definitely need at least one heir apparent at ILB. Don't need a really top, 1st round type prospect, and he likely won't need to start right away, but a good mid-rounder to groom would be a boon. 3rd-4th round

That's really it for high priorities right now. Our safeties are set, our OLBs are super-set, we'll have a lot of good DE's with Jenkins coming back. We have 3 guys 25 and under who all look legit, with Royster in the wings as well, so halfback is set (especially in Shanny's scheme), best TE pair in da lee, and while we may not be set at WR we have a lot of young draft picks there, so I want to see if they pan out before rendering judgment. FB is fine, and that just leaves the OL, where we could go for improvement even beyond the aforementioned OG, but that would leave us looking pretty good (depending on how our guys look the rest of the season).

We have a couple of standout returners, Rocca's a good P, and Gano might finally be figuring out how to be a good Kicker after the infinite chances he's gotten. If not, then this would add to the list at #7.

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