Saturday, December 24, 2011


Skins could pick anywhere from 4th at the earliest to 16th as the technical latest, but around 12th as a more realistic latest. I'm pegging us at around the 8th or 9th overall pick, probably.

Vikings, Rams, or, in all likelihood, the Colts should be picking 1st overall. My deal scenario would still be Vikings or Rams managing to out-lose the Colts, since they're unlikely to take Luck and, as such, Skins might be able to trade up for that spot, as Luck is still what I want the most. Barring that [ :( ] though, here's where we're looking.

Rd 1: ~9th overall
Rd 2: ~9
Rd 3: ~9
Rd 4: ~9
Rd 4: ~16 (from Raiders/Campbell)
Rd 5: ~9
Rd 6: ~1-9 (depending on whether we traded our 6th or the Vikings/McNabb 6th for Hightower)
Rd 7: ~9

So, 5 picks in the first ~115 picks (3.5 rounds), which are the most relevant ones, I'd say.

Regardless of Luck (plz), I think we need to take a QB in the first. Barkley is where I'd tend due mostly to caution, but RG3 is really intriguing, so if Shanahan would prefer that, I'm down. Anyway, QB.

So, our remaining potential likely positions to pick, imo, are OG, OT, WR, CB, NT, and maybe ILB.

After QB, pending value, I think our 2nd rounder needs to be spent on an OLmen (probably OG, because f*** Chris Chester as a starter, but Jammal Brown can't get helathy so I dunno what the long-term plan with him is. If we don't stick with him, OT probably takes precedence and we figure out OG either elsewhere or between Chester and Maurice Hurt, who has played kinda-semi-almost okay as a 6th round rookie. This-year UDFA rookie Willie Smith and not-good Sean Locklear are our only options at OT) or CB, where DHall has been both bad and immature for most of the year opposite Josh Wilson.

In the 3rd, Dontari Poe (I've been wanting a big ole NT. We have good DLmen at the moment, but I think Barry Cofield would be better utilized as a 3-4 DE than NT, and as much as I like Chris Neild I dunno that we'll be able to rely on him as our starter on running downs), or whichever of the above we didn't take I'd say are the best options. As good as a WR would be, Hankerson looks really promising, and I think Terrence Austin and Niles Paul both migh tbe able to contribute. Moss still has a couple seasons left, and Armstrong and Gaffney exists. So, I'd rather go elsewhere and then re-evaluate the following off-season to see how Moss is holding up and the young guys are looking.

Ideally, probably go CB in the 2nd as there are a lot of good corners coming out, and OL in the third.

With our two 4th's, I think we need another OLmen and then probably a WR, to give us another option there. We could also go with 2 OLmen (especially if Brown is a no-go), or look at an ILB to potentially succeed Fletcher.

In the remaining rounds, depth at LB, OL, and WR are my interests, as well as a kicker. I'm ready to give up on Gano.

1: QB
2: CB (alt: OL)
3: OL (alt: NT, CB)
4: OL
4: LB (alt: WR, NT)
5: WR (alt: NT)
6: K
7: OL

Would be, position-wise, how I'd like our draft to go.

This assumes that we re-sign London Fletcher (he wants to come back and apparently Allen, Shanahan, and Haslett have all told him they want him back)/ If we don't, LB jumps up in priority to a round 2-3 go.

This also could be affected by LaRon landry and Fred Davis, both of whom are FAs. If we choose not to bring Landry back (which I don't really expect, even if it's on a 1-year tag deal), I'm not sure we take someone rather than going with Gomes, and at TE we also have Cooley, obviously, and I really expect Davis comes back. But those are still things to keep an eye on.

And, obviously, any other FA signings could also affect this. I haven't really looked at who is slated to be a free agent. I do know that I want to draft our QB, definitely. I only want to sign a corner if a really good one is available, like last year. Otherwise, draft. OL and DL could all be effectively bolstered via either or both.

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