Friday, August 29, 2014

Thoughts from the final preseason game

Just some impressions I was left with on depth guys during pre-season game 4.

-Defensive front seven looks good, as they have all preseason. Should have a strong rotation here. We'll need it to cover for the secondary, but it's been an impressive effort.

-Unfortunately, that front seven will be weakened a little, as Chris Neild went down with a pretty painful-looking knee injury. Hopefully it isn't too serious, but my money isn't on it. Sad, as I'm a big fan of Neild's.

-Neither offense was making a ton of progress earlier in the game. Redskins' was more effective than Bucs', but still largely a series of alternating defensive stands.

-Ryan Grant was impressive. It's the same thing the team and beat writers have been saying about him all off-season and preseason, but he really knows what he's doing out there. Consistently runs good routes, stays very aware of the defense's placement to find coverage seams, and catches securely. He also displayed good feet on the sideline on more than one occasion. He may never be a 1500-yard receiver, but should be a reliable outlet when the chains need moving.

-Evan Royster is still what we all thought he was. He's reliable enough to get what's blocked, but not much more.

-Looked like Spencer Long was doing a good job of sticking with his guy and not getting beaten, but I'd like to see more power from him as he didn't get a ton of push. It looked like he needed to stay lower for leverage.

-Chris Thompson showed a lot more power than Royster, despite his strong suit being speed and finesse. He and Lache Seastrunk were vastly more impressive than Royster and Redd in this game.

-Colt McCoy mostly looked solid, but unspectacular. He looked backup-worthy. He made an awful decision and even worse throw on a deep fade into the endzone for an easy interception.

-He's never been my favorite, but EJ Biggers had an impressive showing. He tackled soundly both on special teams and in run support, and did a good job shooting a gap for a TFL on defense.

-Outside of a bad drop, Nick Williams showed pretty sure hands and a lot of toughness sticking in through a few big hits and hanging onto the ball. He also did a good job chasing down and tackling on an interception return. As a returner, however, he was indecisive. It's possible he was trying too hard to make a big play to earn a roster spot, but not a great look.

-Aldrick Robinson has really improved as a well-rounded receiver. He looked good out there and there's no way he gets cut.

-Crawford made some good, aggressive plays on defense. Between that and his special tams work, he'll be hard to leave off the team.

-Silas Redd didn't have an outstanding game. It was alright, but not impressive. He's like Morris without the power: he did a good job of identifying and popping into seams, but his acceleration was lacking and he didn't break any tackles.

-80 yard touchdown off a screen pass for Lache Seastrunk. Definitely aided by some Buccaneer failure, but, especially given that third down skills are his point of criticism, that play did a lot to earn him a potential spot on the 53.

-Hocker missed a kick wide, and Forbath was hitting some kickoffs pretty deep. Probably sewed up the kicking  competition.

-And, to end, one about a Bucs player: Jeff Demps was extremely impressive. To no one's surprise, he has blazing speed, and was very decisive with the ball. Obviously, the Skins have an embarrassment of riches at the position, but I hope he earns a role in Tampa. 

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