Sunday, May 3, 2015

Undrafted Free Agents

1 pm, 5/3
Update: 3:15 pm, 5/3

The draft is in the books, for better or worse, and a number of players who went undrafted could still compete in the NFL. Teams are working fervently to put to ink the guys they consider to be priority UDFAs, so here's a mid-day update on people I knew about that I thought could or should be drafted, or players I have since read about that sound like they could be good prospects for the Redskins to go after.

Players Redskins have supposedly signed that intrigue me:
DE Corey Crawford, OL Tacoby Cofield, LB Terrance Plummer

Seemingly(?) unsigned UDFA's that I am interested in:

CB Justin Coleman, CB Jacoby Glenn, QB Blake Sims, LB James Vaughers, LB literally actually Norkeithus Otis, DT Terry Williams, WR Cam Worthy, OL Eric Lefeld, OL Adam Shead, SS Anthony Harris (MIN), CB Justin Cox (KC), LB Taiwan Jones (NYJ), LB Zach Vigil (MIA), OL Josue Matias (TEN), OL Quenton Spain (TEN), HB Trey Williams (HOU), DT Joe Mbu (ATL)

Looks like the Texans, Bucs, and Titans have gotten a lot of promising UDFAs I would have liked.

Of course, reported signings often get backed out of or end up being inaccurate, but based on the available information, other interesting UDFAs (particularly, safeties Cody Prewitt and Kurtis Drummond) are already with other teams.

*To note, OT La'el Collins is also a UDFA who interests me, and indeed would easily top the list, but he won't be signing with anyone until his legal situation is cleared up, at which point he could suddenly be a hot item again and be offered a significant contract. Still, once(/if) his name is clear, I would love for the Redskins to go hard after him. 

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