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Having gone through the cuts that have happened, what they likely mean for the club, and ones that are likely still coming, I'll now take a look at how things will likely shake out when all is said and done.

Practice squad predictions would include CB Chase Minnifield (if he doesn't get grabbed off waivers by someone else), HB Jawan Jamison, C Kevin Matthews, WRs Nick Williams and Skye Dawson, and perhaps Lance Lewis, OT Xavier Nixon, either of S Jose Gumbs or Jordan Pugh if one doesn't make the active roster. With eight spots, that could fill the practice squad, but I anticipate at least one or two spots (which probably would be at Lewis' expense with both Williams and Dawson also vying for spots) going to guys the team picks up from other teams' cuts.

Injured Reserve:
S Philip Thomas,, LB Keenan Robinson, CB Richard Crawford (technically waived/injured since he didn't have a deal past this year, but he'll be someone who tries to make the Redskins next season), and perhaps DE Doug Worthington. He isn't listed on the team site, so I'm actually not sure what his deal is right now

Still suspended forever:
Tanard Jackson

Projected 53-man roster:
(25) (26)
QB(2): Griffin, Cousins
QB3(1)(2): Grossman and White
HB(4): Morris, Helu, Royster, Thompson
FB(1): Young
TE(4): Davis, Reed, Paulsen, Paul
OT(3): Williams, Polombus, Compton
OG(4): Lichtensteiger, Chester, Gettis, LeRibeus
C(1): Montgomery
WR(5): Garcon, Moss, Hankerson, Morgan, Robinson
Sixth WR?: Dezmon Briscoe (update: IR)
NT(2): Cofield, Neild
DE(4): Bowen, Golston, Baker, Merling, (Jarvis Jenkins on suspension)
OLB(4): Orakpo, Kerrigan, Tapp, Jenkins, (Rob Jackson on suspension)
ILB(4): Fletcher, Riley, Barnett, Kehl,
Additional ILB?: Burdett
CB(5): Wilson, Hall, Ameron, Biggers, Murphy
FS (3): Rambo, Pugh, Gumbs
SS(2): Merriweather, Doughty

K(1): Forbath
P(1): Rocca
LS(1): Sundberg

(53 total)

It isn't yet known which QB will win the third QB job, though I've already discussed that, and the 53rd spot on the roster is a bit unclear. If Briscoe is indeed placed on IR as anticipated, it is starting to look like linebacker Marvin Burdett might be surprising everyone to make the team, which would be on his special teams contributions. I have a hard time buying Burdett bringing more value than Minnifield, Pashos, or a 6th receiver, but it seems the coaching staff thinks he will unless they are planning on keeping Briscoe or bring in someone another team cut to take the final roster spot. If I had to make a guess which will happen it would be keeping Burdett, as it seems unlikely that they value Briscoe enough to keep him on the roster when he won't be able to contribute for a month or more.

If they were to bring in a player cut by another team, it's really anyone's guess who it would be, but one very feasible seeming option would be CB Antoine Winfield, whom the Redskins courted earlier in the off-season before he signed with Seattle. He was a surprise exclusion from the Seahawks' 53, but all reports are that he will be moved or released, and the Skins might still have interest in his services.

Update, 6:15pm: Surprisingly, it seems that Antoine Winfield has decided to retire.

Update, 6:50pm: Marvin Burdett has been cut, but apparently the team plans to keep four quarterbacks for the time being and cut neither White nor Grossman. That's a surprise.

Update, 7:00pm: As anticipated, Dezmon Briscoe waived/injured. 

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