Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick LaRon Landry update

I know I haven't posted much recently. Partially that's due to news and updates to the Redskins, draft prospects, and the NFL in general being slower since the season ended, giving me less to talk about, and partially that's due to my being busy. I've seen a couple articles, though, dealing with Landry recently about an interview he gave, and I wanted to make note; in the past I've said I very adamantly think that the Skins should re-sign Landry but that his apparent refusal to get surgery is a huge red flag, and that it was a situation which I felt must have some more undisclosed information because it did not make sense. Well, more information has come out.

According to Landry, though the initial exam did lead to a doctor recommending surgery, second opinions had some doctors saying that it wasn't necessarily the best bet. Landry said he's opting for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, which he had on his shoulder last year) and something I know nothing of called biological matrix to heal his Achilles. Landry says that he doesn't want to get surgery because it can require up to a year and a half of healing and doesn't necessarily ever result in full range of motion returning.

The Skins want Landry to get surgery, and aren't paying for the treatment he's elected to receive instead. That said, it sounds like this could be viable as well. If his timetables are accurate, then it would be great if this works and he can be healthy and back by next season. I also imagine that missing a year from his prime when he is trying to get a long-term deal is something Landry is trying hard to avoid, even if it's risky, so that probably has something to do with his decision.

Obviously, I'm no doctor and haven't examined Landry so I can't give much worthwhile insight in terms of opinion on Landry's decision and such (though according to a doctor I consulted, the right move all depends on how much of the tendon is left intact), but I wanted to make note of Landry's side of the story.

I hope it works and he heals well, and still advocate the Redskins re-signing (or franchise tagging) him.

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