Thursday, January 5, 2012

Draft update

Been meaning to write up a revision based on final draft order, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm still not going to go in-depth at the moment (though hopefully soon), but to update, the Redskins are a confirmed 6th overall in the draft behind Colts, Rams, Vikings, Browns, and Bucs, in that order. Also of note, the Raiders pick 17th, and we have their 4th rounder from the Jason Campbell trade.

I was also going to mention in my update that it was starting to sound more like Landry Jones would be declaring despite my last draft post expecting otherwise, but he just announced that he is indeed returning to school, so no addendum is needed there. In other words, as predicted, it is now confirmed that Barkley and Jones are not coming out, while Luck is. Griffin is expected to but still hasn't announced one way or another.

Here's hoping that the Browns don't go QB in the first and that the talk of the Rams giving up on Bradford is meaningless, as I expect it is (both for financial and football reasons). Obviously that leaves the possibility of a Dolphins or Seahawks team trading up to be above us as well, but if someone trades up it's quite possible it would be the Redskins, as more and more people are starting to predict. I think Shanahan wants a QB for the Shanaplan and that he's willing to make moves to get him, I'm just hoping that someone else isn't willing to way overpay to take the big two before we're able to get one.

Also of note: As I've been expecting, Shanahan said he'd like to bring Fred Davis back.

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